About HOPE

HOPE (Hauptbibliothek Open Publishing Environment)

HOPE allows UZH researchers to publish newly founded journals as well as to migrate existing ones. We offer support in technical but also in organizational matters.

When you publish your journals on HOPE, the Open Access articles will be

  • searchable by search engines
  • interchangeable via interfaces
  • will be highly visible
  • freely and openly accessible worldwide
  • long-term preserved via PKP Preservation Network
  • provided with essential metadata (e.g. DOI, Creative Commons licenses, ...)

This service platform is intended as a further step towards Open Access, especially when it comes to alternative Platinum Open Access publishing models. Thus, not only the Open Science policy of the University of Zurich is supported, but also the Berliner Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities that was signed by the University of Zurich in 2004 is affirmed.

If you are interested in publishing your journals on HOPE , then please contact us.