No 1

Studies in Communication Sciences

Editors: Lorenzo Cantoni, Annik Dubied, Sara Greco & Klaus-Neumann Braun | Editorial Coordinator: Annette Fahr | Guest Editor: Ulla Autenrieth | Thematic Section: Family life in a networked age. Influences and changes of mobile and social media use on everyday life in families with young children | Guest Editors: Thomas Häussler, Dorothee Arlt, Franzisca Schmidt, Silke Adam | Thematic Section: Contexts and their consequences. Approaches, challenges and results of comparative communication and media research | Publishing House: Elsevier | ISSN: 1424-4896

Table of Contents


Annik Dubied, Klaus Neumann-Braun

General Section

Sébastien Salerno
Dennis Lichtenstein

Thematic Section

Ulla Autenrieth
Rudolf Kammerl, Michaela Kramer
Katrin Schlör
Claudia Lampert, Joana Kühn
Christine Feil
Thomas Häussler, Dorothee Arlt, Franzisca Schmidt, Silke Adam
Frank Esser
Moritz Büchi
Elad Segev
Janine Greyer, Ada Fehr, Daniel Gräßer, Anne Beier
Daniel Vogler, Mario Schranz, Mark Eisenegger
Thomas Häussler, Hannah Schmidt-Petri, Silke Adam, Ueli Reber, Dorothee Arlt