Issue 18/2 available


Dear Colleagues, Authors and Readers,

We are very glad to announce that Issue 18/2 is now available. The issue comprises a general section as well as a thematic section on Fashion Communication.

The papers of the general section focus on the free press in Austria, on trust in news media in German-speaking Switzerland, and on the implications of public diplomacy for domestic audiences in different language regions of Switzerland. With their focus on Austria and different language regions in Switzerland, these articles highlight the importance of closely examining and acknowledging the peculiarities of national and regional markets and environments.

The topic of the thematic section is titled “Fashion communication: Between tradition and digital transformation”. The eleven papers in this section examine fashion communication in the past and present, touching upon topics as wide-ranging as sustainability and climate change, narration, nostalgia and fashion paradigms, and taste and seduction, as well as examining different forms of communicative contexts and messages, from advertising to (music) videos, films and books. All of these are preceded by a Guest Editors’ introduction written by Nadzeya Kalbaska, Teresa Sádaba and Lorenzo Cantoni. Here, readers will find a discussion of the origins and main topics within this multifaceted and multidisciplinary collection of approaches to fashion and communication.

We regret that, for various reasons, the publication of Issue 18/2 has taken longer than planned. One reason is the size of the issue; being comprehensive, it comprises a large number of articles, some of these challenging with regard to the layout. Second, there have been several staff changes. In future, we plan to implement an online-first system with the immediate online publication of accepted papers.

Finally, we wish to thank once again our two partners, the whole Open Access team from the Main Library of the University of Zurich and Peter Rusterholz and Christine Hirzel from the Seismo Verlag.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue.

Philipp Bachmann

On behalf of the Editorial Board