Silke Fürst Is the New Journal Manager of SComS


Dear Colleagues, Authors and Readers,

The executive board of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACM) has appointed Silke Fürst as journal manager. For several years, Silke Fürst was the auditor of the SACM and worked at the Department of Communication and Media Research (DCM) at the University of Fribourg. Moreover, she is the co-speaker of the journalism division of the SACM and member of the SACM ethics committee.

Since November 2019, Silke Fürst is research assistant at the Department of Communication and Media Research (IKMZ), University of Zurich. Her research interests include science communication, journalism, discourses about media audiences, communication theory, media ethics, and media history.

Silke Fürst started her position as journal manager of SComS on January 1, and succeeds Philipp Bachmann who will from now on serve SComS as book reviews editor.

The editorial board thanks Philipp Bachmann who served as journal manager from 2016 to 2019 and did a great job in transforming SComS into an open access journal.

Silke Fürst
On behalf of the editorial board