Issue 19/2 available


Dear Colleagues, Authors and Readers,

The second issue of 2019 has just been published. It is mainly devoted to the 7th Conference of the ECREA held in Lugano in 2018, but also includes a paper in the general section that examines the state of science communication research in the German-speaking countries.

The thematic section strives to capture the diversity of topics discussed at the conference of the European Communication and Research Association (ECREA). It contains three papers of the keynote speakers translated into Italian, six reports of special panels at the conference and a short conference report. Taken together, this issue includes contributions in English, Italian, French and German and therefore fits core characteristics of SComS, that is, to represent the multilingualism of Switzerland and offer a forum for international communication and media research.

We would like to thank all authors and translators that contributed to this issue as well as the editors of the thematic section: Katharina Lobinger, Gabriele Balbi and Lorenzo Cantoni. We also thank our two partners, the open access team from the Main Library of the University of Zurich as well as Christine Hirzel and Peter Rusterholz from the Seismo Verlag.

We hope that you will enjoy reading this issue.

Silke Fürst

On behalf of the Editorial Board