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Eddo Rigotti, Andrea Rocci


Since issue 2003/2, each volume of our journal has offered to the multidisciplinary community of communication researchers both extensive thematic sections collecting papers covering each time a particular area of communication sciences (such as intercultural communication, health communication, television and new media) and general sections featuring contributions coming from the whole spectrum of disciplines that make up the field. In fact, we believe both in-depth focusing on complex emerging issues, and breadth of coverage are necessary components in a communication sciences journal.

This tradition continues with the sixth volume of Studies in Communication Sciences albeit with a different subdivision of the matter between the two issues of the volume, which is motivated by a special occasion.

So, the present issue (6/1) is not devoted to a specific topic but presents a series of contributions from a wide range of disciplines within communication sciences, while the next issue will be entirely thematic: issue 6/2 will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Lugano in the academic year 1996/ 1997 by presenting an extended discussion of the horizontal topic of Communication Sciences as a Multidisciplinary Enterprise.

We hope that both issues will contribute significantly, in different ways, to the journal's aim of providing a forum for innovative interdisciplinary dialogue within communication sciences




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