Ten Principles of Intercultural Communication. Observations on Igor E. Klyukanov's Foundational Text

Marcel Danesi


Intercultural communication is quickly becoming a pivotal area of study in an increasingly expanding global village brought about by rapid telecommunications technology. As a result, the danger for misunderstandings to arise when interlocutors who belong to different speech communities enter into intercultural communication situations are many. The study of the linguistic and interpersonal dynamics that characterize such situations has been carried out in recent years, producing many interesting findings. What this line of research lacks, however, is a theoretical framework. The recent work by Klukanov, which proposes ten principles for the study of intercultural communication, can be enlisted to construct such a framework. This paper examines these principles in the light of their general implications for the systematic study of intercultural communication and for discourse theory generally. 


intercultural communication; discourse analysis; theory of communicative interaction; linguistics


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