Les Images dans PowerPoint

Luc Deynoyers


A quantitative study of display formats used in PowerPoint presentations is reported. The study was based on a random sample of 100 presentations available on the net and considers the use of text, graph and pictures by the authors, in relation to content and purpose of the presentation. Authors rely massively on text, whether discursive or, in 86 % of cases, bullet lists. These are designed using mostly default fonts, frequently in either too small or too large sizes and very little colour. Graphs and tables only make 4 to 5 % of total pages, mostly in scientific or technical presentations; the latter are used by larger number of authors. Photography reproductions of objects or places are surprisingly limited to less than 20 % of presentations and 4 % of total pages, but constitute 26 % of pages when used, thereby indicating a specializing genre. Schematizations are much more frequent, and almost half of presenters use ornamental elements such as clipart. Image analysis seems to be an interesting technique in attempts at characterizing genres of presentations. 


PowerPoint; image; genre

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