Comment Interagissent le Contenu des Illustrations et la Structure Textuelle dans la Compréhension d'Article de Presse

Isabelle Olry-Louis, Marine de Verdilhac


Nowadays, the great majority of documents are composed of textual and visual information, on Internet sites as well as in textbooks and press articles. On the basis of the idea that the meaning of an illustrated text emerges from the interrelation of these two sources of information, we questioned the role of photographs in the understanding, by teenagers, of an article related to the Amazonian deforestation, examining how they interact with the structure of the text. The hypotheses assumed that a high level of structuring of the themes within the text would facilitate understanding and that the illustrations would induce a perspective, the readers being supposed to focus on the elements of the text in relation with the images. We also expected an interaction effect between the contents of the illustrations and the structure of the text, the induced perspective being all the more marked that the hematic structure of the text is reduced. The results confirm the assumptions and underline some differences according to the contents of the illustration. 


text comprehension; illustrations; perspectice induction; mental model; textual structure

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