L'Ambiguo Statuto del Fatto Visivo: Sistema di Segni o Sistema Segnico?

Michele Amadò


The ambiguity of the status of visual communication has been a source of controversy. The distinction between a sign system, i.e. a hypercodified semiotic system, and a sign-building system, i.e. a fuzzy semiotic system, should also be applied to visual communication. In sign systems there is an unequivocal relationship between signs and messages, whereas in sign-building systems the extensive polysemy of visual signs is productive, giving rise to high communicative efficiency thanks to the active contribution of the recipient to the construction of the message. While a sign system is artificial, a sign-building system is comparable to natural languages, where strong historical and cultural components require close consideration. Defining the dividing line between time two types of systems is essential, especially in the field of intercultural communication. 


ambiguity; semiotic system; intercultural communication

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