Prozessorientierte Organisationsgestaltung für die integrierte Kommunikation von Unternehmen

Manfred Bruhn, Grit Mareike Ahlers


The necessity of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) management, i.e. coordinating a company's internal and external communication instruments in form, content and time, is by now widely approved in the scientific world as well as in practice. Nevertheless, its implementation often proves to be d difficult and frequently fails due to internal organizational barriers (e.g. separation of departments involved in the communication process, lack of responsibility for IMC), which so far have not been solved by a widely accepted form of organization. Against the background of this situation, the article deals with the development of a process orientated form of organization for IMC. Following the procedure of process management, the processes of IMC are made transparent and the responsible organizational units are identified. Starring from this, the need to coordinate the different processes is substantiated and provides a basis to develop adequate coordination methods. 


integrated communication; communication management; organization; process orientated organization; corporate communication

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