«BILDKRITIK» Die internationale Summer School von Eikones (NCCR «Iconic Criticsm»)

  • Andreas Beyer Universität Basel
Keywords: iconic criticism, art and science, art and media history


The contribution focuses on the themes of the Summer School 2007 organized by the NCCR Iconic Criticism (EIKONES) at the University of Basel. lt was an interdisciplinary und international meeting of scholars and students, that treated questions of the art of installation, the question of taming through the arts, the literary iconic criticism, the "future images" and the iconic practice of the sciences. For further information see http://www.eikones.ch. 

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Beyer, A. (1). «BILDKRITIK» Die internationale Summer School von Eikones (NCCR «Iconic Criticsm»). Studies in Communication Sciences, 7(2). https://doi.org/10.24434/%x