Image, Art, Poésie : La Formation du Professionnel de Communication d'après l'Expérience de la « Casa da Mão»

Florence Dravet, Milton Viana, Newton Scheufler


Here, the visual image is approximate to the image in its ample sense - poetical, textual and vocal. Traditionally, the image is a product of a creation process; which justifies, in the University and in Social Communication courses, a reflection on aesthetics. Regarding the experience related here, reflection is not the only thing proposed to the students, but also the knowledge and the practice of traditional techniques of image production, along with the constantly renewable technological possibilities. If the production of art does not constitute an objective of immediate concern in the formation of Communication professionals, the transmission of art and aesthetics knowledge is essential. What is its utility? How can the University be a place to learn about image production in the poetic and aesthetic senses? It seems to us that the knowledge of art and poetry may broaden possibilities of Communication as a field of study and in the professional marker. 


image; poetry; art; communication

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