Kyosei - An example of Cultural Keyword Argumentatively Exploited in Corporate Reporting Discourse

Ioana Agatha Filimon


By means of a relevant example, this paper shows the appropriateness of the theoretical construct of argumentative keyword proposed by Rigotti & Rocci (2005) in relation to an emergent discourse genre: top management's letters to stakeholders appearing in the introduction to corporate social responsibility/ sustainability reports. Analyzing a text fragment extracted from a recent sustainability report, the paper shows the argumentative and the persuasive relevance of the Japanese business concept kyosei for this particular type of discourse. The analysis is based on the Argumentum Model of Topics (Rigotti 2009, 2006; Rigotti & Greco Morasso, forthcoming) and a number of insights coming from adjacent disciplines ( corporate communication, discourse analysis and linguistics, cultural studies and the psychology of persuasion). 


argumentative keywords; Argumentum Model of Topics; persuasion; sustainability reports; corporate philosophy; kyosei

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