Educational Communication and the Case for ICTS. A Two Ways Route

Lorenzo Cantoni


The relationship between communication and education can be understood in both directions, exploring the role of communication in education as well as the one played by education in the communication field. First of all, both communication and education aim at promoting a change in the addressee, an habit change as it was meant by Ch.S. Peirce. In fact, the education of human beings could not be possible without communication, be it non verbal or verbal, and one of the most important goal/outcome of education is language acquisition through dialogue. Education is further required to acquire and master all the "technologies of the word", giving birth to media education, digital literacy activities and so on. Moreover, all kinds of communication may (should) be soundly integrated in educational activities, encompassing listening and dialogical settings - let us think, for instance, to counselling/learning and logo therapy - as well as one-to many communication (lectures), up to the use of printed, electric and electronic media. Every communication setting, strategy and technology has found in education a role as well as one of the most important test-beds. The article sketches a map of the aforementioned links between communication and education, and explores in more detail the role of ICTs in education. 


communication; education; educational communication; eLearning

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