Comments on Carassa

Maria Luisa Schubauer-Leoni


The articulated programme proposed by Antonella Carassa brings into play various disciplinary fields, constitutive of communication sciences, with a specific attention laid upon the contribution of psychology as the science of the subject. The text looks for complementarities between approaches and more particularly between theoretical and epistemological standpoints, usually disjoint, in order to fertilize a renewed problematisation within the field of communication sciences. The project is ambitious and the debate which its realisation will arouse will advantageously promote, in a simultaneous manner, the essentially multidisciplinary field of communication sciences and that of psychological science. This discipline which evolves, as a matter of fact, as an autonomous science, can only come out reinforced (or fruitfully shaken!) from the immersion in epistemological, theoretical, methodological and praxeological questionings which characterise the scientific communities that study communicational practices. 



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