Intercultural Communication: An Intedisciplinary Model for Institutional Contexts

Edo Poglia


lntercultural Communication, under the pressure of an ever-increasing community of researchers, has grown into a very broad and dynamic field of study, yet a comprehensive theory and methods designed precisely for IC are still to be defined, while epistemological ambiguity still tends to prevail. The attempt brought forward at the University of Lugano is to suggest a careful reflection that could foster the definition of a paradigm of IC. The model proposed in this article has the ambition to develop through an interdisciplinary approach a set of comprehensive analytical tools and concrete communicative competencies and operative instruments to tackle multicultural situations. Intercultural communication competencies, which have been the focus of numerous researches, are often confined to interpersonal communication. The approach presented in this paper aims at extending the field to public, educational and media communication. 


multicultural; intercultural communication; epistemology; competencies; interdisciplinary; didactic; I2C

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