Interkulturelle Kommunikation in einem mehrsprachigen Land. Sprachregionale Identität und massenmediale Repräsentation im Schweizer Fernsehen

Philomen Schönhagen, Joachim Trebbe


The paper deals with the role of intercultural mass communication in a multilingual country. Our case is Switzerland, where a constant consideration of national identity and the need to integrate four different language cultures can be stated. The central concern of the presented research project was the representation of the different language regions in Swiss public television broadcasting programs (SRG) and the perception of the own and the other regions' representation. To that end, we conducted a qualitative study, containing two group discussions in each of the three main language regions: German-speaking, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland. Regarding the findings it is conspicuous that in all discussions it was stressed that there is no continuous representation of the other linguistic groups in the own regional SRG TV station. According to the participants' perception, the coverage of the other regions in all three regional TV stations is limited to a small range of events and persons. 


representation; social integration; identity; television; Switzerland

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