Knowledge, Information Sources and Awareness regarding Breast Cancer Screening: A Comparative Study in Lugano/Switzerland and Amsterdam/Holland [CORRIGENDUM]

Peter J. Schulz, Bert Meuffels


Knowledge and insight in women's knowledge regarding breast cancer recommendations and the possible influence of this knowledge on women's actual and future behavior are still lacking. A survey was performed in Lugano, the major city of the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, and Amsterdam, the major city of Holland. In Switzerland opportunistic mammography screening is the rule in most cantons, whereas in Holland, as part of a nationwide mammography-screening programme, women aged 50-75 are invited to a mammography every second year. Data collection was done by means of a face-to-face written questionnaire. No significant differences between Lugano and Amsterdam were found regarding general knowledge, but Amsterdam women show better specific knowledge of the age groups for whom screening is recommended. Lugano women are more concerned about breast cancer, use more information sources, have a higher intention to go for a mammography, practice more breast selfinvestigation, have had more mammograms in the past, whereas the Amsterdam women claim to have more experience with breast cancer among their families and friends. As knowledge of the recommendations seems to play a role in women's proper future behavior regarding screening, efforts should be made to improve women's knowledge, especially in Ticino.


breast cancer; knowledge regarding mammography

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