Der Einfluss von Massenmedien und interpersonalen Gesprächen auf den individuellen Wahlentscheid – Eine empirische Untersuchung in der Gemeinde Emmen

Christian Wassmer


This article is about media reception and voting behavior. The empirical analysis measures the individual's quantitative use, the qualitative rating, and the subjective perceived political orientation of mass media and interpersonal communication. The results allow eliciting the effects of political communication on the individual voting behavior, primarily for the swing voter. The object of investigation is the commune of Emmen, Switzerland. For this purpose a concept including the micro-sociological and the psychological concept of voting behavior as well as the RAS-model will be prepared. The own analysis model acts on the assumption that short effects like mass media or interpersonal information, departing from the party identification, are the cause of change in the individual voting behavior. 


political communication; psephology; individual voting behavior; mass media; interpersonal communication; survey

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