Argupolis: A Doctoral Program on Argumentation Practices in different Communication Contexts

Frans H. van Eemeren, Sara Greco, Michèle Grossen, Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont, Eddo Rigotti


Argumentation is a form of communicative interaction by means of which social realities - institutions, groups and relationships - are construed and managed. People develop argumentation in numerous purposeful activities: to make sound and well-thought decisions, to critically found their opinions, to persuade other people of the validity of their own proposals and to evaluate others' proposals. These activities are bound to the contexts in which they take place and are significantly determined by these contexts; thus argumentation too, as the bearing structure of these activities, moulds its strategies in connection with these very different contexts: from families and schools to social and political institutions, from financial markets to media discourse and journalism, from social and ethical debate to the economic and financial sphere. 


argupolis; phd program; argumentation

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