Rollenbilder deutschsprachiger Kommunikationsmanager. Eine empirische Untersuchung

Bettina Beurer-Züllig, Christian Fieseler, Miriam Meckel


The paper presents the findings of a quantitative investigation into the major working fields of German, Austrian, and Swiss communication professionals. We build upon previous work done in roles research but follow a grounded approach in using an explorative duster analysis on a sample of 340 communicators. We identify fives typologies into which the working fields of communication practitioners in these countries can be categorized: Strategists, Public Affairs Officers, Interna! Communicators, Investor Relations Officers and Brand Officers. These profiles are distinctively different in terms of education, salary, and career as weil as job satisfaction and show the various roles communication practitioners take as weil as their integration within organizations.


communication management; professional roles; duster analysis.

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