Sumballein. Réflexions sur l'utilisation du patrimoine symbolique identitaire dans l'analyse du contrat de lecture appliqué à la presse écrite

Grégory Tesnier


The reading contract originates in the work of the linguist and semiotician Eliseo Veron. He defines an implicit contract as a contract which binds a newspaper to its readership. This implies the understanding of how the notion of symbolic identity heritage acquires a new use when connected to the analysis of this reading contract applied to print media. By demonstrating how print media offer a specific service (targeted news) to its readers and by showing interest in several concepts resulting from theories on identity ( characteristics of individual and collective identities, the study of identification phenomena and, more generally, good understanding of the identity dynamics), the article shows how the connection between the reading contract and the concept of symbolic identity heritage enables the more accurate measurement of the quality of the bond between the newspaper and its readership. With this objective in mind, two examples of research published in recent years concerning the analysis of the print media discourse offer lines of thought regarding concrete ways of providing relevant enunciative indicators. 


reading contract; identity dynamics; media industry; model reader; symbolic heritage; service management; discourse analysis.

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