Il ruolo della cultura e dei media nella strategia del soft power cinese: il caso di Radio Cina Internazionale

Chwen Chwen Chen, Cinzia Colapinto


Historically, economic power has always been accompanied by increasing international cultural influence and there is no doubt that China's economic stature will also be reflected in the diffusion of Chinese culture. China has been playing a central role in the world economy and politics, therefore winning growing international influence. During the last decade, not only have Chinese media and scholars increasingly paid more attention to the development and wielding of soft power, but the Beijing government has also adopted soft power-based foreign policies. This paper explores China's soft power strategies in the digital culture by focusing on its culture, mega events and media, and devotes the analysis to the case of China Radio International: the broadcaster largely relies on social networks and new media, and makes interactivity its pivotal point of development. International partnerships and cooperation with foreign media are successful glocalized approaches in winning China's influence abroad, as well.



soft power; Chinese media; digital culture; globalization

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