Die ‚Digital Natives‘ präsentieren ihre Kinder – Eine Analyse der zunehmenden (Selbst-)Visualisierung von Familie und Kindheit in Onlineumgebungen

Ulla Autenrieth


The first generation of ‘Digital Natives’ is entering the phase of parenthood. At the same time picture-based communication in online environments is becoming more and more popular. With the birth of a child private photography becomes a significant value in the life of many parents. Social media platforms like Facebook and mobile applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat are standard communication tools for many young adults today. As a consequence, many photos of children and family life are presented online. The article analyses the central aspects of the mediatization and visualization of family life and discusses their implications for further research.



Digital Natives; Family Photography; Social Media; Visual Communication; Mediatization; Social Network Sites


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