Klaus Neumann-Braun


You are holding in your hands the latest issue of our scientific periodical Journal in Communication Studies (SComS). Before its con-tent is subject to introductory commentary, the present editors would like to inform the esteemed reader about future topics which will be included in the upcoming editions of SComS:SGKM-Conference 2013/Winterthur (Autumn 2014; Editors: Vinzenz Wyss et al.); Discourse approaches to financial com-munication (Spring 2015; Editors: Lorenzo Cantoni and AndreaRocci); SGKM-Conference/Zürich (Autumn 2015; Editors: Werner A. Meier and Martina Leonarz); Digital Media Studies (Spring2016; Editors: Klaus Neumann-Braun et al.); SGKM-Conference2015/Bern (Autumn 2016; Editors: Thomas Häussler and Silke Adam).A thematic section has been omitted in the present issue as the response to the call for papers concerning the special topic “Communication in Interpersonal Relationships” has been immensely successful. The editors have therefore decided to extend the special theme in order to render it possible to publish no fewer than eleven articles that address this specific topic. As a result, however, articles already submitted for the general section have to be re-scheduled for the next issue. For the sake of the cause, we kindl yask our readers for their understanding.





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