“Offer No Readymade Solutions”: Men's support provision in specific episodes with an upset friend

  • Ira A. Virtanen University of Tampere
  • Pekka Isotalus University of Tampere
  • Shaughan A. Keaton Young Harris College
Keywords: Interpersonal communication, Support provision, Men's friendships, Alcohol, Episode interview, Cold comfort


This study describes Finnish men's support provision for same-sex friends. Two main problem scenarios—break-up and sudden unemployment—were used, which were moderated by alcohol abuse. These data consist of 25 episode interviews and were analyzed with qualitative and quantitative methods. Results showed that men provide support by giving perspective, suggestion, reassurance, and support availability. The amount of solace for a friend was significantly scarcer in alcohol-related problems. The study found that indirect support aims to motivate self-realization and thus, result in more permanent and positive change. Such interactions can also lead men to give “cold comfort.”


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Virtanen, I. A., Isotalus, P., & Keaton, S. A. (1). “Offer No Readymade Solutions”: Men’s support provision in specific episodes with an upset friend. Studies in Communication Sciences, (1). https://doi.org/10.24434/%x
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