The Pragmatic Metamodel of Communication: A cultural approach to interaction

Leonarda Garcia-Jimenez


This essay proposes a Pragmatic Metamodel of Communication (PMC) for expanding the practical role of metatheory (a theory of theories), conceived here as a useful tool for directly analyzing interpersonal interactions. Traditionally, metatheory has been used in an epistemological way (e.g., for the organization of knowledge) rather than in a practical way. However, starting from the traditions of thought proposed by Craig in his article Communication theory as a field, this essay argues and illustrates that metatheory can also be useful for making direct analysis of communication and enriching, at the same time, our understanding of communicative conflicts. This challenge is answered by the PMC, a (meta)model articulated on three levels: culture (shared values), dialectical tensions (contradictions that are primary forces in relationships) and metacommunication (talk about communication).

See also: Corrigendum to “The Pragmatic Metamodel of Communication: A cultural approach to interaction” [Stud. Commun. Sci. 14 (2014) 86–93]


Metatheory; Metadiscourse; Ordinary talk; Culture; Dialectical tensions; Interpersonal relationships


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