Internationale PR-Forschung, D. Ingenhoff (Ed.)

Romy Fröhlich


Internationale PR-Forschung, D. Ingenhoff (Ed.). UVK, Konstanz (2013). 

This volume includes 15 articles (of which three in English), which,with the exception of the introduction by the editor, originatefrom presentations at the International and Comparative Researchin Organizational Communication and Public Relations conferenceat the University of Fribourg (CH) in November 2011. Nine worksfocus on the analysis of specific case studies. These include stronglyapplication-oriented works, such as Sabrina Bresciani’s experimen-tal research on the efficacy of “visual mapping” as a method for(better) conveyance of (PR) messages in various cultural contexts.Five articles deal with fundamental theoretical and/or methodo-logical questions of internationally comparative PR research, suchas Jens Seiffert’s work on the cultural aspect of case studies, andAstrid Spatzier’s theoretical explanations regarding the workplaceas an arena for intercultural communication.


book review; public relations; international pr


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