Crowdsourced Media Accountability Services — Medienkontrolle in Bürgerhand

Tobias Reitz, Kersten Alexander Riechers


In the internet era journalism has become more quick, dirty and inaccurate. Print is the last stronghold of fact-checked journalism. Sure? The discussion of quality in journalism must not be connected to the carrier medium any longer. Internet technology could be rather seen as an opportunity to involve “the reader” to improve journalism and to counter-check it whenever necessary. This vision of citizen driven media accountability has already become true. The internet in general and social media in particular enables them to participate in quality control. However their impact is still incredibly low. Is it because there is not enough people who care – or is it because there is no smart tool that makes their voices be heard? This paper provides a short overview of media accountability in nowaday‘s online journalism and tries to provide an answer on how a Crowdsourced Media Accountability Service could look like.


journalism; media accountability; medienkontrolle; journalismus


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