Journalists in Switzerland: Structures and Attitudes

Heinz Bonfadelli, Guido Keel, Mirko Marr, Vinzenz Wyss


Until the late 1990s, no data was available on the subject of Swiss journalists or the state of journalism in Switzerland. After the national survey of 1998, a new survey was conducted in 2007/2008 to determine how journalists and journalism in Switzerland had changed over the last decade, and how changes in the media (e.g,m the Internet) and society (e.g., globalization, commercialization) had affected journalists in the country. This article presents results from this survey and compares them to the 1998 survey. lt will produce a series of conclusions about the current state of journalism in Switzerland, the changes it has been going through during the last decade, and the consequences of these developments for Swiss journalism, media, and society.


journalism research; journalistic profession; Switzerland

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