Influenza delle attivita di pubbliche relazioni sul giornalismo quotidiano ticinese

Gerardo Bramati


This article highlights the phenomenon of PR-influence on the local newspapers of the Swiss canton Ticino with regards to topic selection and news coverage. lt presents results of an empirical study conducted between February and September 2010, which involved a content analysis and input-output analysis of 1,144 articles published by the two major regional newspapers, the Corriere del Ticino and La Regione Ticino. The study indicates that 74 % oflocal daily press coverage is influenced by PR activities. In addition, results demonstrate that the most relevant sources of information are represented by public institutions ( 40 % of total articles) and local associations (26 % of total articles) . Findings also indicate that press releases are the most diffused and influential PR activity, determining 77 % of PR-related articles and 56 % of the articles analyzed.


Journalism; public relations; media relations

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