We are pleased to introduce the first issue of 2021, which comprises many contributions from a wide range of research fields in communication and media studies, including digital communication, gender studies, media reception and effects, political communication, journalism research, and science communication. With authors from the universities of Zurich, Berne, and Fribourg, as well as from universities in Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, and Canada, this issue illustrates that SComS is a home for Swiss studies as well as international research. This is also highlighted by our advisory board, which was renewed in spring 2021. Its fourteen members are distinguished scholars with expertise in a wide range of research areas within communication and media studies. They also represent different Swiss language regions, neighboring countries of Switzerland, and other European countries (see more information on our website).
With this issue, SComS has also renewed its editorial team and journal management. While Jolanta Drzewiecka and Silke Fürst are welcomed as new editors and Mike Meißner as new journal manager, SComS bids farewell to Sara Greco and Thomas Häussler, who served the editorial team for more than five years. Their engagement greatly contributed to SComS becoming a well-established open access journal within communication and media research.




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Fürst, S., & Salerno, S. (2021). Editorial. Studies in Communication Sciences, 21(1), 3–6. https://doi.org/10.24434/j.scoms.2021.01.001