Giuliana Sorce (Ed.). Global perspectives on NGO communication for social change




Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) face an increasingly challenging and complicated context in which to achieve social change. Current trends toward illiberal populism and rising authoritarianism combine with the challenges of fake news and the protracted difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In these circumstances, the critical role played by NGOs in civil society has only been heightened. Global Perspectives on NGO Communication for Social Change provides us with a timely and comprehensive examination of the key role that communication plays in enabling NGOs for social change to engage with their stakeholders and to impact society. This edited volume examines how NGOs strive to achieve this. Structured in two parts, the book first focuses on thematic perspectives before then devoting the second half to case studies, which provide the reader with a rich array of initiatives used to communicate and engage audiences. It presents clear global perspectives, as well as giving us nuanced national and local viewpoints from a broad range of countries, including cases from Brazil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Africa and China.




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Moist, R. (2022). Giuliana Sorce (Ed.). Global perspectives on NGO communication for social change. Studies in Communication Sciences, 22(1), 277–279.



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