We are pleased to present you the second issue of Studies in Communication Sciences in 2022. Readers might wonder why the second issue of SComS is already published in September and not at the end of the year as usual. Actually, due to the high number of submissions and the very positive development of SComS as a platinum open access journal, we have decided to test increasing the publication rhythm from two issues to three issues per year. The first issue of this year was a special issue entirely dedicated to DACH 21, the first three-country conference on communication science held in April 2021 at the University of Zurich. In the present issue, emphasis is instead put on the General Section. The issue is comprised of six research articles addressing various aspects of media and communication research including reflections on the identity of the discipline itself as well as empirical and theoretical papers on the topics of argumentation, public service media, social norms and communication, quality of media systems, immigration, and issue fatigue. Additionally, we present you one book review. The authors hail from several countries across Europe as well as the US and, typical for SComS, we present you with articles in various languages.




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Drzewiecka, J., Lobinger, K., & Meißner, M. (2022). Editorial. Studies in Communication Sciences, 22(2), 283–285. https://doi.org/10.24434/j.scoms.2022.02.001