We are pleased to present to you the first of the three issues of Studies in Communication Sciences scheduled for publication in 2023. Beginning in 2022 and on a trial basis, SComS begun to publish three issues per year in response to the increased number of submissions. We are continuing our trial which allows us to offer two issues with Thematic Sections which have been very important to our community of readers. This still leaves us another full issue dedicated exclusively to general submissions. In 2023, SComS will publish two Thematic Sections “Old media persistence. Past continuities” in issue 23-3. The Thematic Section in this issue 23-1 is titled: “Historizing international organizations and their communication – institutions, practices, changes”. We have enjoyed receiving very interesting proposals for Thematic Sections. At this moment, we already have Thematic Sections planned for 2024. If you are thinking of organizing one, please plan ahead and we look forward to receiving your proposal.




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Lobinger, K., Drzewiecka, J., & Meißner, M. (2023). Editorial. Studies in Communication Sciences, 23(1), 3–4. https://doi.org/10.24434/j.scoms.2023.01.4139