Free daily newspapers: Professional norms, business model and routinized production in the metropolis (Introduction)

Audrey Alves, Loïc Ballarini, Christian Lamour


Free daily newspapers such as Metro and 20 Minutes were published for the first time two decades ago. Today, they are part of the media market and they are read every day by hundreds of thousands of urbanites in metropolitan regions. These dailies are often presented as a symbol of the transformation of the press. But they attract a limited interest from communication scholars. Following the international conference named “The free daily press in Europe. 1995–2015” and organized by the CREM Research Unit and LISER in March 2016, we considered that a thematic section in SComS would be a good opportunity to present a series of double- blind peer reviewed articles dedicated to this media from three perspectives: Professional norms, business model, and geographical issues.


editorial; free daily newspapers; free commuter newspaper; journalism; business models

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