The ripple effects of a partisan, free newspaper: Israel Hayom as disruptive media actor

Michael Dahan, Mouli Bentham


During its 10 years of existence, the free newspaper Israel Hayom (Israel today) has come to play a pivotal role in Israeli national politics and to serve as what we define as a disruptive media actor among other, commercial, daily newspapers in Israel. The seemingly innocuous daily newspaper, founded in 2007 and distributed widely, has, since 2011, become the most widely read newspaper in Israel. We suggest that Israel Hayom be viewed as a “disruptive” actor in the areas of politics and the media in Israel. Adapted from Christensen’s (1997) concept of disruptive technology or innovation, we define as disruptive a media actor that significantly impacts the field of politics and media economy, essentially forcing a change, or changes, in the “rules of the game”. While this model is currently unique to Israel, it is likely that under similar conditions further cases shall present themselves in the future. 


Israel Hayom; Israel; free newspaper; disruptive media actor; democracy

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