Science communication scholarship in Lithuania: A scoping study

Auste Valinciute


This study analyzes the extent, range and nature of science communication scholarship in Lithuania. The purpose of this study is to explore whether there is a presence of this research field in the Lithuanian academic context and if there exists a body of empirical evidence that can be used to inform practical science communication initiatives. More generally, this study asks: is there a science of science communication in Lithuania? Results indicate the presence of an emerging field of research with fragmented scientific activity. Most papers do not explicitly identify “science communication” as the object of study. Most of the relevant work is focused on audience research, indicating the potential for using the results for evidence-based science communication practice. The science of science communication in Lithuanian, however, has yet considerable room for growth and could benefit from more large-scale, nationally representative, data-driven and methodologically sound research.


science communication, scoping study, content analysis, Lithuania

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