Presseförderung als Mittel gegen Medienkonzentration und für die publizistische Vielfalt? Quasi-experimentelle Untersuchung der Schweiz im Vergleich zu Belgien, Österreich, Irland sowie Deutschland

Steffen Kolb, Mathias Oertel


Mass media play a certain role for society in democratic systems. Communication research faces this role by analyzing media performance. Well performing media provide the society with a diversity of topics, opinions, and sources. Mostly economically driven processes of media concentration endanger media diversity by decreasing the amount of independent media companies most probably causing less diverse media content. To counteract processes of media concentration in the field of daily newspapers many countries have established various kinds of press subsidies. This study examines empirically what kind of impact press subsidies have on media concentration. It uses a quasi-experimental design


media concentration; pluralism; press subsidies; media performance; state aid; daily press

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