Body in fashion films: The new net-aesthetic era


  • Simonetta Buffo Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano, Istituto Marangoni Milano



fashion film, fashion language, codes, fashion photography, fashion images


With “fashion film” we mean those online videos that are peculiar to fashion industry and are developing their own language and new types of brand narration. The field of study presented here to is related to language. The objective is indeed to better understand how this new communication tool has influenced the conventional language of fashion images through the development of new codes or a transformation of the existing ones. The object under examination is, in particular, the body as a preferred communication code within this industry. This body is not viewed by fashion as a simple object to dress, but rather as a mediating channel between the individual’s individuality and their need for communication, or better to say, their need to establish a relationship within its context. To do so, it seemed appropriate to start with the examination of the history of fashion images by concisely analysing how the body has changed its communicative role over the decades. Further analysis was then conducted in order to focus on the new meaning undertaken by the body in fashion films. As a consequence, the result is a complex and extremely rich picture.




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Buffo, S. (2018). Body in fashion films: The new net-aesthetic era. Studies in Communication Sciences, 18(2), 365–381.