Fashion influencers and Instagram. A quasi-perfect binomial


  • Cristina González Fernández Freelance journalist specializing in fashion
  • Raquel Martínez-Sanz University of Valladolid, Department of Journalism



influence marketing, instagramer, social networks, brand communication, millennial


Influencers, thanks to their ability to connect with the public, have revolutionized brand communication making it less invasive and at the same time attractive and dynamic. This research explores the behavior followed by the main Spanish fashion followers, focusing on the strategies and resources used in their communication through Instagram profiles. The gradual incorporation of men into this sector requires identifying whether the publication of habits in this social network vary or not with respect to the author’s gender. In addition, compliance with Spanish legislation on advertising is monitored, which obliges the authors to explicitly indicate any message that promotes a product or service from a contractual agreement.




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González Fernández, C., & Martínez-Sanz, R. (2018). Fashion influencers and Instagram. A quasi-perfect binomial. Studies in Communication Sciences, 18(2), 425–437.