No 2

Studies in Communication Sciences

Editors: Lorenzo Cantoni, Sara Greco, Sébastien Salerno & Thomas Häussler | Editorial Coordinator: Philipp Bachmann | Guest Editor: Ulla Autenrieth | Thematic Section: Family life in a networked age. Influences and changes of mobile and social media use on everyday life in families with young children — Part II | Publishing House: Elsevier | ISSN: 1424-4896

Table of Contents


Thomas Häussler, Sébastien Salerno

General Section

Sang-Yeon Kim, Mike Allen, Andrew Cole
Antonio Bova, Francesco Arcidiacono
Friederike Hendriks, Dorothe Kienhues, Rainer Bromme
Silje Kristiansen, Mike S. Schäfer, Sabine Lorencez
Ulrike Klinger, Stephan Rösli, Otfried Jarren

Thematic Section

Ulla Autenrieth
Sabine Feierabend, Theresa Plankenhorn, Thomas Rathgeb
Sarah Bizzarri
Beate Blättner, Elisabeth Hintz, Werner Winzerling, Michaela Ludolph, Mario Rudloff

TopDoc section

Alexander Buhmann